The best gift – Sony Play Station


PlayStation 4 is interesting in so many reasons that we find it difficult and time to enumeration. First, Sony has parted ways with the famous cell technology, which will significantly facilitate the developers to develop games, the controller has experienced a revolutionary improvement, and we were afraid that we reach as they might bite when he gets angry, and do not need to mention what components are installed below hood.

The previous generation console against next (next) – gen PlayStation 4 specs seems simply ridiculous. It seems to us that this is the first time that Sony came out on the market with a system that does not try to make a revolution (and thus everyone lives miserable), but he chose a lighter, downstream route for swimming.


Further, the scanner blinked and new operating system console, seemingly strange design, the ability to connect to various devices and social networks … but all in such a small package!

Unpacking, design, accessories…

We tested the so-called bundle version of the PlayStation 4 in whose case, in addition to hardware, is a game Killzone: Shadow Fall. Unfortunately, Sony not this time we decided to reward loyal customers with additional content (apart from the AAA exclusives) and packaging done in the blink of an eye. Note that among the goodies is not famous Multi A / V port, but no power cord. The explanation for the absence of the first is that the PlayStation 4 is simply no analog A / V output, while the absence of a network cable there is no excuse! Here we still have to mention the headset whose quality does not meet the criteria flea market. What about the fact that reproduce a mono-signal. These are two unnecessary Sony’s gaffe that totally unexpected cause frown on his face.

PlayStation 4 Review

As for the console itself, it is a “glazed” in a distinctive retro style. Sharp edges and, mainly, rough plastics (except in the upper third of the front where he applied classic glossy touch) justifies the comparison with PlayStation 2. Even in sizes of Four close twins (the first one, “thick” versions). The side edges of the console are lowered, and the whole contraption gives the impression as if it is made of two rhomboids between which a rectangle.


The upper third of the device is physically separated from the rest of footprint console line LED (light up in different colors depending on the status of the console) to which, from the front, builds the power button and eject discs. The keys are so small and badly marked that it will at first be required magnifier to find them and differentiate what it is.

PlayStation 4 is worth every penny that Sony asks for it. In fact, it is worth a lot more money because it will bring you hours and hours of gameplay to an entirely new, modern and sleek gaming environment. Technical characteristics and potential of the console are the maximum, and we should not forget that the developers just swinging and things for us to do a lot more interesting. Superior control, excellent hardware, excellent support, excellent optimization of launch titles…

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